Exciting Early Dates

As you're getting to know a new girl, you'll obviously want to impress her. But expensive dinners and fine wines are not always the best option. If your goal is to find someone you're compatible with, then you have to reveal the real you. And although she naturally wants to impress you too, you're likely to be more compatible if she impresses you naturally.

So plan ahead to foster this type of "getting to know you" on your early dates.

Be a Sport
If you're both athletic, make a date to hit tennis, go running, or play soccer - some sport or activity that you'll both enjoy. Remember, however, that if you're ultra-competitive, you'll make a better impression by being considerate and holding back a bit. But don't let her know that you're babying her in any way - you don't want to give her the idea that you're condescending and view her athletic abilities as inferior.

Mix It Up
Another good way to see her true personality is to get cookin' - in the kitchen, that is. Make a meal together, and you'll see if you can share control and work cooperatively. You'll find out if she's a micromanager or a more spontaneous type. You'll also be able to talk about your tastes - what excites you and what turns you off.

Take It Outside
If you live near a picturesque park or beach, take a walk together. Any kind of outside activity will give you a chance to talk and get to know each other better. Or perhaps you can see an outdoor concert or fireworks display. This type of venue will give you a chance to get closer than you can over dinner in a restaurant.

In all these environments, your goal should be to do something fun and active while getting to know this interesting new woman. And, of course, you hope that by revealing a bit of your own preferences and personality that she'll find you irresistibly charming. Go ahead, show her why you're special!

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Try These Pickup Lines

  • My shoes are having a party later. Why don't your pants come on down?
  • You never got a second chance to make a first impression.
  • Do you want an Australian kiss? It's just like a French kiss, but it's down under!
  • Which one of the Spice Girls are you?
  • Somebody call the cops. It's got to be against the law to look that good.