Guys: Put More Bliss in Your Kiss

A woman's lips are one of her top erogenous zones, so knowing just how to plant a smooth and sexy kiss will always win you points (and often an invitation to her bedroom).

But kissing is more - much more! - than just getting your tongue into her mouth. Here's what your make-out moves are missing.

Tune In To Timing

Great kissers seem to intuit the precisely right moment to make their move. They know when to exploit our longing by barely brushing their lips against ours, and when to boldly capture our mouths with their own. Even if you're not genetically blessed with a good sense of timing, you can get a grasp on how and when to proceed by tuning in to your partner's body language and breathing.

Suss Out Her Style

Everyone has their own personal kissing style, based on anatomy, level of sexual aggression, and personal tastes. So forget about trying to use the same technique on every woman you touch tongues with. Pay attention to how she's kissing you - that's probably the way she wants you to kiss her. Is she nibbling on your lower lip? Taking your tongue into her mouth? Reciprocate!

Brush Up on Technique

So while a one-size-fits-all technique won't work, it's not so bad to have a few stock moves to try out on your mistress. Try softly sucking on her tongue or lips, or tickling her upper or lower lip with tiny flicks of your tongue. Lightly brush your lips against hers and then pull away. Plant a sweet kiss on her nose. Master a few good methods and then mix 'em up.

Show Some Enthusiasm

There's no argument: Passion is a key element in sharing a kick-ass kiss. So really get into it! Run your fingers through her hair, cup her face in your hands, or put your hands on her hips or waist and cuddle up closer. If things are going particularly well and you've got a little privacy, go ahead and get a little pornographic in your pawing. It can only lead to more good things.

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Try These Pickup Lines

  • Can I call you 'cotton candy'? You feel like cotton, and you taste like candy.
  • Damn, that skirt is working. What time does it get off?
  • I may not be the best looking guy in here, but I'm the only one talking to you.
  • Are those cornflakes in your pants? You sure bring out the tiger in me.
  • I made a wish on a falling star, and you just made my wish come true!