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Outlook Express Instructions
1. Click on Tools, followed by Accounts on the menu bar of the main window.

2. Click on the Add button followed by Mail in the Internet Accounts window.

3. Enter your name in the Display name: box and click the Next button.

4. Enter your email address (i.e., ) in the E-mail address: box and click the Next button.

5. Set the "My incoming mail server is a <POP3|IMAP> server." to "IMAP".

6. Specify the name of the IMAP server ( in the "Incoming mail (POP3 or IMAP) server:" box.

7. Specify the name of the ESMTP mail server ( in the "Outgoing mail (SMTP) server:" box.

If Netscape Connect is your method of connecting to the Internet, you would use the ESMTP mail server ( as your "Outgoing mail (SMTP) server." If you are using another ISP, such as your company LAN, you would insert your other ISP's SMTP mail server here. Please contact your ISP or LAN administrator for your SMTP mail server name.

8. Click the Next button.

9. In the Internet Mail Logon window select the first box, which indicates that you want to log on using an IMAP account.

10. Enter your Netscape Connect member name in the "IMAP account name:" box, if necessary (it should be populated by default).

11. Enter the password for your Netscape Connect account in the "Password:" box if you choose to store your password, rather than having to supply each time you access your mailbox.

12. Click the Next button.

13. Update the "Internet mail account name:" box to supply a friendly name by which you'll recognize this account in the future.

14. This field is populated by default with the IMAP server name; however, you can change it if you wish.

15. Click the Next button.

16. Select the "Connect using my local area network (LAN)" radio button.

17. Click the Next button.

18. Click the Finish button on the Congratulations window to save the prior settings.

19. Click the Yes button at the "Would you like to download the folder list for the IMAP account you just created?" prompt. Select the IMAP account you just created from the accounts listed under the Mail tab in the Internet Accounts window and click the Properties button.

20. Activate the Servers tab.

21. Click the "My server requires authentication" under Outgoing Mail Server and then click the Settings button.

22. Make sure that the "Use same settings as my Incoming mail server" radio button is selected in the Logon Information.

23. Click the OK button to exit.

24. Click the Apply button, followed by OK to exit the Account Properties window

25. Select your IMAP account from the account list, and click the Set as Default button to indicate that this is the default account that will be used for sending mail. This is only necessary if you have more than one mail account defined.

26. Click the Close button to exit the Internet Accounts window.

27. Click on Tools, followed by Options? on the menu bar of the main window.

28. Activate the Send tab.

29. Set the "Mail sending format" to Plain Text, if required.

30. Click the Settings? button to the right of the Plain Text radio button.

31. Select MIME as the "Message format" and set the "Encode text using:" dropdown list to "None", if necessary.

32. Click the OK button to close the Plain Text Settings window.

33. Click the Apply button, followed by OK to accept the new send setting and close the Options window.

 Instructions for Outlook Express 5

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