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Netscape Communicator Instructions
1. Click on Edit, followed by Preferences on the menu bar of the main window.

2. Click on the Mail & Newsgroups item in the Category tree to see the options.

3. Click on Identity within the Mail & Newsgroups category.

4. Enter your name in the "Your name:" box.

5. Enter your e-mail address (i.e., ) in the "e-mail address:" box.

6. Click on Mail Servers within the Mail & Newsgroups category.

7. Click on the Add button associated with Incoming Mail Servers.

8. Specify the name of the IMAP server ( in the "Server Name:" box.

9. Set the "Server Type:" box to IMAP.

10. Enter your Netscape Connect member name in the "User Name:" box.

11. You may optionally check the "Remember password" box, if so desired.

12. Specify the name of the ESMTP mail server ( in the "Outgoing mail (SMTP) server:" box.

Note: If Netscape Connect is your method of connecting to the Internet, you would use the ESMTP mail server ( as your "Outgoing mail (SMTP) server." If you are using another ISP, such as your company LAN, you would insert your other ISP's SMTP mail server here. Please contact your ISP or LAN administrator for your SMTP mail server name.

13. Enter your Netscape Connect member name in the "Outgoing mail server user name:" box.

14. Click on Messages within the Mail & Newsgroups category.
Set the "By default, forward messages:" dropdown list to Inline.

15. Click on Formatting within the Mail & Newsgroups category.

16. Select the "Use the plain text editor to compose messages." radio button the Message Formatting section.

17. Click the OK button to save your configuration changes.

18. At this point, it is advisable to exit and restart Netscape Messenger.

 Troubleshooting IMAP with Netscape Connect Mail

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