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Instant Messaging

Get Your Netscape Connect Mail Using Outlook or Netscape?
You can with IMAP!
• What is IMAP?
• Can I use IMAP?
• Why would I want to use IMAP?

Get answers here.

"I Need Help Setting Up
  IMAP Mail"
Set Up Instructions
Here are the steps to complete setup of your alternate Netscape Connect mailbox.

Follow these steps if you are USING:

If you NEED:
IMAP Description

Are you looking for a different e-mail solution? Netscape Connect has the answer for you. Try IMAP mail with a mail software package such as Outlook Express or Netscape Messenger. IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) is a method of accessing e-mail that is kept on a mail server. Web browsers and mail clients such as Outlook Express and Netscape Messenger use it to retrieve mail from the Internet.

The most popular reason for using IMAP is that you are able to use a different e-mail client. IMAP allows you to see into your Netscape Connect mailbox through the Netscape Connect software as well an e-mail software package.

Requirements and Limitations
You must have a Netscape Connect account. (Your e-mail address would be )

Minimum Hardware and Software Requirements:

A 386DX with a 33Mhz processor or higher
Windows 95 or higher
16MB of Ram or more
A 32-bit internet connection of at least 9600 bps or higher

You should use Outlook Express or Netscape Messenger as your IMAP e-mail software.

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