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Your Sensual Side
How Do You Rate In The Sack?
Do you leave women begging for more? Take this quiz to find out! More »
How Do You Rate In The Sack?
Are You a mind-blinding vixen or a bore between the sheets. Take this quiz to find out! More »
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Poetry Picks

Foods To Give You That Sexy Feeling
Find out which foods are magical love potions. Here are foods that two top nutrition gurus recommended to whet your appetite for more than dinner. Bon appetite! More »
Sensual Techniques: Massage & Foreplay
Is foreplay turning into a boring routine? Add some massage techniques to the mix. These moves will soothe his tense muscles, and excite other ones. More »
Women's Top Sexual Complaint Is...
Here are women's biggest sexual grievances and how you can avoid committing such mistakes. More »
Four Kinds of Sex That Sizzles
Peruse our guide to four must-have varieties of carnal coupling and see if your romantic endeavors don't get even more delicious. More »
Your Guide to First-Time Sex
Everything you need to know about finding out if he's Sex-Worthy. More »
Aural Sex: Make a Carnal Connection
Put that saucy tongue of yours to a new use by mastering the fine art of aural sex. More »
Tantric Sex 101
The Spiritual Path to Physical Ecstasy More »
Lessons in Sexual Geography
Map Your Lover's Secret Erogenous Zones More »
Sexy Bedroom Resolutions
If you resolve to spice up your sexual routine, we'll show you how to keep your resolution, and enjoy a Year filled with hot nights. More »
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