The Beat In My Heart

Beyond the realm of comprehension,
Her simple smile can mean perfection

Mention her name, and my spirits take flight,
To reach the heavens themselves, an angelic delight

Her voice is so soothing, like waves on the shore,
Her kiss is refreshing, her laugh I adore

Her grace is unnerving, as she glides ‘cross floor,
Her kindness is maddening, tenderness her lore

Her eyes are like sapphire that pierces my soul,
Her hair flows like silk, that my hands do extol

Her beauty can put a rose to shame,
of a blind man can see,

But something more shocking and hard to believe,
Is her love she has chosen to give to me

How could she possibly love me this way?
I am simply a mortal, just a man made of clay

There’s nothing in me that’s truly appealing,
My knowledge is little, my appearance is fleeting

I have no great wealth, no silver, no gold,
The clothes on my back are tattered and old

But when she says that she loves me, my doubts fade away,
Only to surface another day

I will always wonder, why she gives me her love,
But my life is perfection, as long as she does,

My life would end, if we were to part,
For she’s the breath in my lungs, and the beat in my heart.

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