you’ve got one glance
one shot, one chance to make it happen
do it now, i tell myself
he’s coming, he’s coming, quick—hurry up
i can feel my heart racing
and then, two feet from the finish line
collapsing and crashing to the floor
my head stays down
my eyes focused on the pale of the wall
while my mind reviews scenarios of what i was supposed to do
[such a coward, you missed your chance]
i hear him slip by so quietly
the crash of my heart breaks the silence between us
echoes quake through my body
my stomach lurches as i’m slow to realize i have failed again
it’s over, you fool—he’s gone
and as he disappears into the sea of people
i can’t help but notice the sign taped to his back:
"she loves me, but i have no fucking clue"

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