Good Bye You

How dare you?
Treating me as you do
Like an old, ugly shoe
Its not fair and you know its true

Like your better than me
Smarter, nicer, funnier than me
Maybe you are, yes its true
Still you loved me
Yes you did you told me

You claimed you were too drunk to care
To remember
To know what you were saying
You know what you did
Its happened more than once

And now you act like it never occurred
Never kept me up all night
Never made smile when all I wanted to do was frown
Never kept me from screaming at you
Like I never existed

I can be funny, I make many laugh
I can be nice, trust me
One day I will be smart
But all too good for you
I’m stronger than that
I can move on
Maybe one day I will write you a song

But now look at you
In a month, maybe two
She will no longer like you
And for once, I will not be there
Not here or near
Not anywhere

You will beg for me as always
And pretend to hate me like always
But I won’t be there
Like always

Good bye to you
I no longer will be your old, ugly shoe

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