So You Think You Love Me

You love me
You need me
You want me
You love me?

Is this love?
Love because I heal you with a touch?
Because you see the compassion in my eyes?
Because you cannot see any reason
Why we shouldn't be together?

So I'll be there
To touch you,
Love you,
heal you,
Play along in your sharade.
And how well a part I can play
When I don't give it a thought!

I'll give this all to you
But ask yourself first...
Do you have enough love for me,
Enough power in your passion for me
To pick up every piece of my heart
And weld it back together,
Living blood and all
After you break it again
And again
And again.

I love you so much
So much to be what you need me to be
But if I do this--
Condemn myself to this half love,
To this heartbreaking idiocity,
Yes, the final surrender that leads only to that...

Then it is only safe to say
That I don't love myself.

Love is not selfish.
Love is not a need satisfied
Or a wish granted.
I'm not saying we're through.
I'm not saying good bye.
I'm just saying...

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