Haunted House

In our last dialogue, you couldn't talk long.
Like a siren upset about forgeting her song.
Over in a special corner of my mind,
Viewed on occasion by only you and I,
Every night is a haunted house on Halloween.
You're there, kissing me when no one sees.
Ordinary people don't get this disease.
Uncanny, how I still see you without cease
As clearly as if you'd never gone...
My bad, I must have done something wrong.
You couldn't stay...I can't move on.
'Cause I still got you in my head so strong.
Other women want me to love them you know,
Makes no kinda differnce though...
Everyone else is like a grade B movie-show...
Broke ass cheap, and the feelings don't flow.
Anyway, guess you got better things to do,
Can't sit around worrying 'bout what I'm gonna do.
Keep beautiful baby...keep your heart true.

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