As time ticks away and the seconds soft their pace, I sit here and thank the lord for blessing me with perfection. The perfect balance that revolves around you, and your soul. The way you call me baby, the way you sooth my fears. The way my world has meaning since the day I met you. Love at second site I call it. Our syncopated movements rhythm their rhythm so perfectly. Perfection is intertwined in our world, forever. Passionate spring nights wanting each other restlessly. Cross my mind every second of my waking day. I sit here and reminisce our quick love. I reminisce your soft lips as they caress my broken skin. Time ticks away and the seconds soften their pace. Time slows down for just a second, for us to glimpse at what has finally arrived. I sit here astonished, and thank the heavens above for finally bringing me your perfection. Our Perfection. United. Together. Complete.

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