Another Mans Wife

Another mans wife.

by dale

from the first day I met you
you changed my life but even then,
you were to be another mans wife.

Later on I got a phone call form people
worried about your life, still you were
to be Another mans wife. for years to come
you came and went in and out of my life,
but always you were another mans wife

I was I thought was a friend for life
I was falling in love with another mans wife
through you I met my very first wife
I married her, Still in love with another mans wife

One summer day in 93' I was at a concert and who do I see
A happy shiny person who didn't see me, before it was over I
saw you again. If I only knew now what I didn't know then.
a Skeleton with skin on who didn't know me.
I was married to another. I had a life full of strife.
I couldn't stop thinking of another mans wife.

Some years later it happened again. I was in church sitting with friends.
all the next week I hoped and prayed if I saw you again just what would I say
Finally the day came I saw you again. you spoke to me briefly. That was end.
you gave me A CD. You called me a friend. I wondered if I Would see you again.
a fitting and appropriate way to end. I was left with the memory of another mans wife.

Life goes on or so I am told. the years went by and I got a little old.
I was out one night in a bar I saw you in the dark, across the crowded room you heard me shout.
You came to my table I knew it was you. It really was to good to be true.
we talked through the night You gave me a call. I gave you my phone number after all.

When you called the rest is history. Over two years with a beautiful mystery.
I don't know how you feel about me. I guess we'll have to wait and see. I thank you for the opportunity.
to know you is to love you, you see.
I don't regret the time I spent
with you. My love for you I Know is true.

If ever again I get the chance, I will be the man to dance with you upon our wedding day.
another chapter in the book of my life. Since I'm in Love with another mans wife.

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