Destroyed by you, by me

Once again she’s in my view
And once again I feel like this
My heart begins to hurt
My stomach begins to tighten
My mind thinks thoughts of hate
Hatred towards my self though
Because I don’t blame people
I blame only myself
I know I’m just not good enough
I know she’s just too special to be mine
I try to take comfort in knowing at least she’ll be happy
I try to pretend like this love for her is something fake
But the pain is unbearably convincing that its not
That no matter how much I hate myself
Or no matter how much I think of her happiness
And most especially no matter how much I write about it
I’ll always feel empty, worthless, and a no body
Because evidently that’s what I am
After all, she must think so
And I love her so much…how can she be wrong?
And even as quickly as she became the source of my will to live
Just as quickly did she become the source of my lack of will to live
But like I said it’s still all my fault, I can admit it at least
I admit that I have become this terrible wretch because of my weakness
I’d trade my life for just one day to know what it feels like
To just be loved by her, to the level that I have shown unto her
But its ok love, it was never your wrong doing, just be glad I’m out of your life
Because knowing you has become my depression
And as I try to erase all memory and existence of you
I come to realize that I don’t want to
Even though I know this will eventually be my downfall
My very heart itself seems bound to you
Like a fishing line stuck of a reef
I’m trying to break free, but I just don’t see it happening
I might as well cut the line and abandon my heart down there
Because my heart ceases to have a purpose in life
If it cannot express its love for you, and you accept it
The story is ending as quickly as it began
I fell in a love with a girl, and that’s where it ends.

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