The Imperfect Love


I would love you with the violence
swiftly moving through your red hair.

I would praise the torment
in your eyes.

"Give me heartache.
Give me pain."
And I would love you
again and

I would love you with the fury
of Cleopatra, and tame
the warm serpents on
her golden breasts.

I could bite harder
and with less cruelty.

Is it true that
when love fails,
lust prevails?

I daresay,
for motive is the killer
of action.

Could you love me
with action that slays and saves
the brevity of desire?


Love me with the violence
that cleanses the soul
and severs the heart.

Love me with the
kiss of Judas;

And I will love you with
all the sins and storms
that strengthen the soul.

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