The King of Clowns

The King Of Clowns

Life begins so innocent and true
You come into the world without a clue
Dependent of your parents
Nutured by their undying love
Subtained by more than food
Thanks to the good Lord from above
But what if life anew,
were not so innocent and true
And the love that nutured was dark and cruel
The basics that substain were far and few
Then the day came when this child we speak of grew
The young man that we see, bitter and lost
filled with anger, emotions scattered and tossed
Society points and condemns his misunderstood ways
But where would you be if the cradle that carressed you
was not a cradle, but a garbage can with no view.
The love that should have nurtured was replaced
by reluctant tolerance undue.
so when you see that homeless begger
on the corner in town,
cast no judgement for his life could be yours
with a single twist of fate. The king of clowns.

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