Is it possible to live a sadness borne long before me.
To hear the voice of a love lost and a soul filled with passion yet permeated with regret.
I hear it always through the silence of the day.
Hauntingly, it whispers to me in kindness,
and yet I feel the rage and remorse from within.
A friend it is not, though it caresses me as a lover would.
I fear it.
Fore to listen would danger that which I protect.
My heart.
Words melodic, sing to me from a distance .
I know not these words, these songs or melodies,
I speak them never!
They are foreign to me,
and yet they flow as if part of me.
With ease and at times a grandeur of which I am not familiar and have never been part.
Please tell me,
is it possible,
to have love whisper in your ear?

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