A Worthwhile Dream; Crushed Dreams

When I'm sitting by myself I think of you, I think of us, I think of all our love and trust.

The thought of you makes me smile, and I know this wait will be worthwhile.

When time comes when we shall meet I'll think of love,

Because we both know our bond is tight, which makes us Mr. and Mrs. Right.

I hope our spark stays firmly strong, to make this dream last vastly long.

(2 years later....)

When I sat by myself, I thought of you, I thought of us, I thought of all our love and trust.

Everything about you made me smile, and I knew that wait would be worthwhile.

Too bad I was wrong, it just couldn't be, I'm amazed on how much I failed to see.

But it's over, finished, concluded, done, I really did think you were the only one.

I wish you all luck on your lifetime quest, and I want you to know you really are the best.

Keep dreaming small, big, but most importantly high, for your limit is at least the clear blue sky.

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