Never too late for love

It's never to late for love...........

I messes up
and now it's too late!
I took your love for granted
and that was just one of my many mistakes.
We had our ups and downs
Most caused by me.
I kept telling myself
with you i dont need to be.
Its too late!
I wish i could take it back
all the times you called and got no calls back.
I cant express to you how sorry I am
I wish you could only see!
That I know I messed up big this time.
and you don't wanna be back with me
but I just can't seem to let you go
I wont let us not be!
I'll fight till you realize that you need to be without her and with me!
I know I messed up
but it can't be too late!
I love you too much
To just let our whole life together just be erased.
Please hear me out and give me a chance
cause i only want you
and i'll fight till the end!

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