So Deep, So Real


What was it that we had
What was it that we shared
Our love so deep and true
So much we truly cared

For you and I, there were no bounds
For each we gave our all
It wasn’t hard , there was no effort
As though our love was life’s call

We laughed, we cried, we loved
Each day closer we became
What we shared in our hearts
We knew no one who shared the same

No conditions, no demands
So freely we did give
To be together is all we needed
Together we wanted our lives to live

When we made love you and I
The passion beyond belief
Intimacy without description
So strong, so real, so deep

There are no words to show
What I feel for you inside
You became so much a part of me
You are what gives me pride

Please remember sweetheart
I will love you always and forever
What you gave to me no other has
And to give you up my heart will never

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