Selfishness takes hold when I think of you
I try to refrain from this everlasting hue
Of anger and hate and darkness where there was light
But the tears that flow freely obstruct my sight
Of possible happiness and a future together
That I thought was different and would last forever.
I am wronged in the rights I try to make
Of the worries that follow me and the smiles I fake
I pray for the time our souls will meet
I pray for one everlasting fleet
Of a glimpse of the boy I used to know
To take away this anguish and bitter sorrow
I long to feel your breath against my skin
For the chance to touch and feel you within
I sit, I wait, I long, I hope,
But nothing ever comes and it’s so hard to cope
I cry from within so people cant see
The desolate life you have left for me
I blame you not for letting me walk alone
Because I know you lead the way home
And although this wasn't the path created
I count my blessings but curse those who stated
"Its such a shame that they should part,
They were a perfect match in soul and heart,
Life taken away at such a young age,
She will feel better; it’s only a stage,
That we all must go through to reach the end,
He wasn't her lover, he was just her friend".
But how could they know how I really feel,
When all along it is them that steal,
The dream that was a reality for both him and me,
They are so blinded by the lies others feed
That if they stopped and looked and saw the truth
They would see that I belonged to you
In heart and body in mind and soul
In wants and needs, achievements and goals
I am yours and will forever be
Although sometimes I find it hard to see
The truth that you used to once speak
In the faces of those who questioned our belief
That love rises beyond the shallow words of those
Who in life chose hate and in death still chose
To condemn us when we seemed happiest
To trample on our dreams causing a sleepless rest
I have no more words for those who hate
But will continue on when I state:
I love you and miss you and think of you still,
And as I lay here pale, weak and fragile
I close my eyes to the impending serenity
That takes a strong hold on not only me
But also others who share the same pain.
To live like me in a lonely shame.
I cry for those I leave behind
But embrace the meeting I have waited a life
To live and see and do and be
To be with my lover for all eternity.
A smile spreads widely across my face
As I ascend and join him in that heavenly place.
Looking down I can see the tears of others
I am no longer there to care or mother
But please believe me when I tell you this
My love for you will never cease.
Know that I am happy and ecstatic to be
Reunited with the one who meant the world to me.

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