My Muse for the Night

As the gusts blew the leaves from the limbs
revealing the starkness of white aspens,
showered by the rains pouring as from a spout.

As the moisture ran down the side of the twin peaks, flowing down the snow colored valley.

Emptying into the sea of desire,
natrually cleansed;
revealing the beauty to behold under the red of sunset

Fall and winter had done their works;
the revelation of amorous works from under the spring covering.

The new season carried conversation
like listening to the pines
whisper to the moon.

In a translucent fixation,
the moon gazes, intent,
hanging on every breath the pine wisps,
as lunacy invades the soul.

The lunar glow wanders down the treeline
White pine, glimmering under his dust.
through the hills covered like a blanket of cottony snow
ready for the taking.

Spring returns,
the rose blooms so red
adding the layers of beauty
the tones of new covering.

Revealing yet another side of amazing allurement of a
sunrise so brightly colored;
Blown by the hot winds of desire, pressing against the sky;
Flowing as rays of red against the winter blue.

Underneath the morning sky of the nether world
the watery pools to the soul;
follows down the island sloping to
the brinks of the moisture below.

Painted with hues of desire
the twin peaks now covered;
the aspen's bared limbs are no more.
The valley lies covered.

Drying from the summer heat
the life waiting once again
for fall and winter
to reveal the bared beauty of nature.

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