A Love That Could Have Been

I once met a boy
He was sweet and perfect
His heart was made of gold
But he was meant for someone else
I was young
I did not know better
I cried myself to sleep that night
I should have kissed him when I gave his hat back
I should have told him
But I did not
I hid inside myself and walked away
Now when I see him
I know he does not remember me
He does not know how much I love him
I fell in love with him when I met him
That is all I can say
But now my time has passed
I could have been with him
Maybe he would have loved me
I cannot say
But my heart is broken
My soul squeezed of all my love
I will never forget the chance I gave up
To be with this boy
The boy I love
And the love that could have been
Has now come to an end
With one girl alone in a room crying
And the boy living life as he always has
Not knowing of the girls love
And never will feel her lips against his
Or her voice whispering the words I love you in his ear
But he was blessed not to know this
While the girl must live in shame of her past
And walk her path alone
For the love that could have been
Never was

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