I love u

If I were to live a lie
That lie would not beloving u
If I had to tell the truth
I’d cry for the reason of this
I’d be to afraid u’d brake my heart
As much as I love u
I’d still be afraid
And as much as I’d give up my life for u
I’d still be ashamed
Of not telling u the truth
Of the love I have for u
For this I will cry
For I must live a lie
I lie that will kill me in the end
I love u so much
But I cannot bare it
I must not tell u the truth
For my hearts sake
I love u so much
But I cannot say
The thought that is exploding in my head
So please forgive me for being so quiet
I cannot speak with u around me
I love u so much
And I am sorry
That it had to end this way
Without love
Or truth from me
For I must live a lie
To save both u and I

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