Late Nights and Early Mornings

Peering through this dark cold space
I hear nothing but the sound of my silent breaths
My heart is tired... crying long and heavy
Waiting for a single ring, in hopes it is my love
Clenching the phone by my heart, within my hands
Waiting to hear your warm soothing voice,
Tears somberly falling upon my gloomy face...
I wonder what your doing...
I ask myself why you have yet to call...
Did I do something wrong...
Do you want to talk to me...
When my tired eyes will no longer stay open,
And all my hope is drained..
I unwillingly shut my tear filled eyes...
I wake in the morning with an empty heart
Wishing I was still sleeping so I couldnt feel the pain
Once again... hoping you will call
Hoping to hear your brandishing voice
And praying my heart will no longer ache
And alas you will hold me in your arms,
Bringing my sore aching heart to a happy fullfilling beat.

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