Days go by, and still I stay,
I don't know why, I wait for him to say.
Please don't leave,
I'm glued to the floor.
And find it impossible to exit through the door,
And still I stay.
He has this power over me,
My eyes are shut, and cannot see.
All he says: Is please don't leave,
Maybe it's security that i seek.
But i know, I am not weak,
He has always treated me kind.
That I didn't mind,
Maybe, that's why I stay.
Waiting, for him to say,
"Please" don't leave.
I keep waiting for a sign,
So I thought of this line.
It's time to let him go,
That's what I want to show.
It's hard for someone who you care about,
That also which you doubt.
To say we both need to be on our own,
And neither of us want to be alone.
So it's time to do something right,
And never lose sight.
Of what you had,
No regrets, just be glad.
That you had the confidence to say,
I can no longer stay.

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