I Lost Something

I lost something, something rare
some thing I loved a lot
some thing that said it loved me too
or so I may have thought

Something special
something kind
something sweet and wise
some thing that charms us all somehow
and never even tries

This thing I speak of makes you think
it makes you want to smile
it makes you long to be with it
if only for a while

I want to own it
but I can't
it isn't mine to own
and even when I'm by it's side
I'm utterly alone

I feel the need to hold it but
it slips right through my hand
although it seems quite solid
it is really just like sand

Slipping through your fingers
there is nothing you can do
but sit and watch it sadly
as it leaves, and runs right through

I've been holding on th strings
for such a long time now
should I let go
or should I wait
for it to change somehow

I didn't want to lose it
but I felt I had no choice
I screamed and screamed
and no one heard
I flet I had no voice

My something loves another still
this fact I cannot change
I want it though in spite of this
and find that very strange

For with each day
my pain renews
it is my only thought
and while I bleed and suffer through
my something, though, does not

Why not? I want to scream aloud
why don't you feel this too?
It isn't that it doesn't feel,
It doesn't feel for you.

Profound and chilling
but the truth
It keeps me up at night
why do I linger just the same?
I cannot win this fight

i lost my smile, my joy, my laugh,
my self-respect as well
another thing that I have lost
and taken into Hell

The battle's over
I have lost
more than I care to say
with luck, and love, and brave of heart
I'll stop the pain someday

I HAVE lost something
something rare
for this I'm truly sad
but in my heart, I know you can't
lose things you never had.

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