turn away

my heart wrenches as you walk away,
walking into a blackened land,
a place some go and never return,
i tried to warn,
but alone you'll learn.
i long for you to make the slightest turn,
just to the left or right, just turn.
dont come to me, if it isnt your dream,
just dont go to him and lose your heart.
there is something special locked inside your smile,
removes me from my pain, cuts the sky,
breaks open the sun,
a holy gift bestowed upon you,
please take care and hold it true.
i would hate to see such a grace fall away
like all colors, fade away,
a painting hung behind the door,
letters written and never sent.
your heart has a power he will never know,
never respect, never nuture,
or ever help grow
you dont have to turn and run to me.
just turn a little, set your heart free.

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