Letting Go...

You are the one that changed my life,
for better and for worse,
in just a short period of time,
you were my world; my universe.

You make me melt
as I look into your eyes,
if you can only feel my heart beat,
and the love I feel inside.

I have put you on a pedastol
because I thought our love was "real",
I kept you in a place of my own,
deep down inside my heart
where no one has ever gone.

I have felt myself release the feelings,
of passion, pain and intense cravings.
Time drags without you
and moves too fast when I'm beside you.

I believe in a relationship that has all the right
the love, the honesty, the communication.
I believe it should have a meaning.
Anyone can have a love
without the true love feeling.

But to me, love is more than that,
it's trusting and believing...
it's mature and unconditional,
it's heavenly and uplifting.
All these things, I felt with you,
in just a matter of time......

With every breath I took with you,
I never thought I'd cry.
You make me feel so refreshed,
with the little things you do.
I love it when I'm in your arms,
and feeling your touch too.

I love when you carry me,
your hands, your arms,
your gentle voice..
All these things
have grown to be...
a part of my security.

With mixed feelings,
I know the day will finally come,
when things just won't be the same,
and our paths do separate.
My heart will definitely feel the pain,
But I have to believe....
that with love,
there is fate.

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