I know my love lives

I know my love lives and at the end she will stand on this earth beside me
and the greatest of oceans will not quench our love
nor will the strongest of floods will not drown our love
and while in each others arms wwe will be like a magic rose
which feels the air with its enchanted perfumes
{and the smell of our love will be so sweet}
the passion of love bursting into flames around us will be stronger
than life and more powerful then death...........

I know my love lives and I will find her one day
and on that day my eyes and ears will be saticfied with what i see and hear.
I will see how beautiful she is, i will hear her melidious voice a voice
that would make a goddess jealous she will move as graceful as a gazel her eyes
will sparkle like the pools of heaven with one glance she will have ravished my heart
her cheaks like a bed of sweet roses her mouth full and
shaply her lips threads of scarlet and from her mouth will flow milk and honey
kissing her will be more delcious than the sweetest of chocolates her neck like ivory
her arms like vines covered with delicous fruits and spices her chest and
stomach flawless as silk her belly button like a wine glass filled
to over flowing her thighs a work of art each one a jewel
she will be majestic as the morning sky as glorious as the moon
and i will see how beautiful she is
I will see my love
YES I will see my love and I long for that moment

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