Vector Space

Here we bring our heads, hearts and hands together
Each of us is so unique, yet like birds of same feather
Some of us hang around often
This place we call our den

And some of us are mostly out of sight
Like gods we flash to bring insight
Sometimes we talk and talk and talk and look foolish
At times we nod and nod and nod and look wise

We talk it out, we sort it out, we fight it out
But never, never, never we walk out
Of an argument that does not seem to end
An argument may not conclude; but itÂ’s ok if it moves
Slowly, reluctantly to a common vision

All of us do not always agree on a decision
Or a particular course of action
But we march with force and resolve
Towards our one vision
Which encompasses our best intentions

We are not saints, just ordinary beings
Little creatures of our private worlds
But here we grow out of our little selves
To make our common world a little more
Livable, lovable, sustainable

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