the ranchers ride that was given

I fell like a horse that
has just been let in the stall for the night
as day turns to dusk

my limbs are week
eye lids are getting heavy
as I wipe the sweat from my eyes
my horse comes running up to me signaling
he wants me to come ride
I only have ten bails left
why not take a break

I jumped onto his back
instantly feeling the massive creatures
huge muscles
underneath my body
I grab his mane
off we go
floating in the wind
like a butterfly on a
beautiful July morning

racing up and down
throw meadows
and streams
just letting him take me away

he slows down
I grab around his neck
for I know what he?s going to do
sure enough he stops
get?s on both knee?s
lets me down to the ground

as I lay there barley awake
he lays next to me
as if he was to guard me while I sleep
he?s only a horse
I?m only a person
his name is Bandit
mine is Becca
but he is my guardian angel
and I?m just the keeper

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