Yesterday I held you for the first time
Tears filled my eyes as I took your hand in mine
Counting your fingers and toes, making sure all was right
Then worrying how we'd make it through our very first night

Suddenly there were afro puff ponytails
Then ribbons, bows and painted fingernails
From barbies, finger paints and make believe
To prom dresses, make up and best friends to tease

Today, with some sadness, I realized that you've grown
I wouldn't have wasted so much time if I had only known
Years were like seconds ticking softly away
Memories passing by quietly with so much to say

Never doubt for a second how you've impacted my life
With such happiness and love, never a moment of strife
From the first time I held you til eternity ever after
My life has been blessed just by the sound of your laughter

Tomorrow will come, it isn't too far away
You'll graduate, then off to college will be the next day
You've made us so very proud with all that you've done
accomplishments, hard work and the person you've become

Success will be yours in whatever you choose
we will be here to support all that you do
Just remember how quickly those days had past
If you blink even once, time goes by so fast
Love Mom and Dad

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