How much farther must I travel before I see the light

A light I look for in others so dim in so many waiting to be nurtured.

I wonder when a man stares in to my eyes, what does he see?

Will he look at the shadow that the world sees or can he look beyond and see the twinkle, the sparks of hope I cling to.

The road I'm on seems to twist every day a new direction

A new way to see the world yet I feel I'm moving, moving towards something I was dragged to by fate at first

Now something I no longer fight but embrace as that beyond the shadow, that which is the light fate drove me to for so long before I even knew it was the path I wanted for myself.

It is a path for me, a path that is me from shadow in to light.

I worry, endlessly am I ready to step from the shadows that bind me that tear at my very soul.

Is the light ready for me? I stare out at A world sometimes cold filled with shadows like me, daring not to go where I do.

I want to embrace the light, to become one with that which I resisted for so long.

I know that without the light I am nothing, for without it the shadow could not have been for so long.

I see it in the mirror, when I search beyond my eyes an amazing beautiful light, the true me peacefull and joyous
in tune with the world which doesn't yet know me.

My loves, the things I adore quietly the subtle movements, the grace
the form, all I desire in the light, locked behind my eyes

Waiting for the day the brightness of the sun casts itself on my sullen world.

Let the sun melt away the ice of a thousand thousand fallen tears.

The ones no friend, no lover, no family could stop from passing over the shadowed shell I never wanted.

Today I see it, I see the rays of the light, the light of the dawn cracking over the horizon.

I feel the gentle breeze cool me as the work of the hard day comes and I kneel and pray that the Lord and Lady have made me ready for the time upon me

The burning dawn that will shatter the shadow and cast me in to the loving light of the sun.

I am ready for the light to find me.

I am ready to join with the light.

I am ready to be a light of hope for those still locked in shadow.

May you find a light in your world, and may that light bring you peace.

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