My First Day at a new School

Walk in a new school knowing not what hides behined the doors of my classes. It seems all eyes on me as i creep through the day. Just two more classes to go. Sitting in lunch looking down at the pizza iI am eating. For some reason I look up feeling a pair of eyes making the hair on the back of my neck stand up. Turning slowly making shure no one sees me. Then our eyes meet for the first time. I can't look away. Those eyes are so beautiful. Its like looking at a sunset with a sealboet in the midle of the big golden orange sun while sitting on the beach. Then the end of lunch bell rings braking my daydream. sending me back to my tray that still held my half eaten pizza.
The bell that marks the end of the day rings. its going through my head over and aver agand. Who was tha beauty in lunch and will i see her agand? I was sitting on tyhe bus on my way home I hear the most beautiful voice. Looking to the back of the buss to see those eyes i saw in at lunch.
Hopeing she gets off at my stop. Well someone was realy looking out for me. As I reach for the bell it rings. she is getting of the buss too. As I am walkin off the buss I hear her friends giggling and I am thinking to my self they are making fun of me. To my suprise she walks up to me and asks me if I have a girlfriend. With no hesitatoin i responed with the answer no i don't why do you ask. She respons, because there is a school dance and I need someone to go with me. And I was hoping you would go. I say shure i would love to go with you. I would love to goto the dance with you. Then she turns around and walks away with one more wave good bye.
After that everybody at school acted like i was some kind of god. Because i got the most beautiful girl in school.

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