Thoughts of you

Cold, cool breeze chills down my spine
That’s what happens when thoughts of you come to mind.Gunshots were heard that day, a great soldier had fallen down.You took my smile and left me a frown.A body layed down on a side walk.
Bloody chinnesse steps with blood rushing down on each of its corners.

Everyone thinks they had you figured out, but they are just wrong.I knew death was by your side from the moment you turned 16.You wore durags, colored bandanas and even carried guns.Girls thought you were nice,That’s because you kept their necks filled with ice.Now that you’re gone, what’s left there to say or do I guess the only thing is to miss you I reminisce on the times we shared
When you made me laugh, you showed me you care

On a dark gloomy day, you can call it a Sunday
I saw your face on the shadows of thunder.
Ever since then you followed me in dreams which later became nightmares Uneven nights with little sleep made me think more and more if my life was to be To be in this world full of gansters and thugs, knifes and guns. Street filled with useless drugs, addicts raping little girls, taking their lifes and killing their souls.

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