The Virgin Times

She gotta be tight,
You know the one you would wanna wife
The one you will fight and fuse over
all because her hole was closer
After the first time she thinks to herself ''Yeah he'll Always be mine''
You know 'cause a girl loosing her virginity........
it's her most prized possession
and her first will hopefully always be in her life
she leaves you for no one
Because she feels she cant go on............
then he decides he has to move on
'Cause he was't in love
So deeply was she
so she begain to plee
''Why would he do this to me
lay me on back
tell me Loves me
Then leave and say my shit was wack
I grew onto him, was Always on his sides
front and back
like a fucking joy ride
yeah we had ups and downs
but the shit he told me
made me feel like
I should be crowned
You know he made me feel like i was a queen
But.... then it was so UNREAL

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