USS Hassaympa AO-145

It was the year of nineteen hundred and fifty five they say
When the grand young lady slipped into the harbor bay
Tail against the wind with stacks blown smoke against the blue sky
With all that virgin speed she begins to fly.

Aboard not 3 but 300 Sailors road within her breast
Making her the fleets very best
To all those sailors that wore her Crest
She held us safe against her firm breast

Like a mother she protected us
Never a whimper or even a fuss
She gave when there was always a need
By brotherhood she implanted her seed

She filled each heart with such passions and dreams
Targeted like rays of silver moon beams
At night the engine played music to a genital sound
While sleep can never be found

Her decks we scraped and painted gray
With her cargo genitally tucked away
She carried the crude oil in a gallant way across these seas
To many a brothers aboard ships on stormy seas

She steamed the oceans for year’s number that of forty-four
Today we give way to her sleek beauty even more
Now she lay’s upon her last shoreline
Dedicated to memories for all time

But in our hearts she sails yet still
In our minds her graceful beauty will fill
Her tales told till the open sea’s run dry
Her silhouette steams across these endless blue skies!

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