Young Growing Old

Our children are our future of tomorrow, it is said. But so many take the wrong path, and are missled. Some grow up to be successfull and happy in life. Some are in a hurry, they have children, and don't even have a wife. But mostly none of them plan for their future, and they don't save money for when they get old. At least this is what i am told. They talk about putting their parents in nurseing homes and such. Then they don't bother to visit them very much. They forget about them because of their busie lives and then.... The next time they see them is at their funeral, then they wish they'd went to visit them, now and again. They are old and may have lost controle of all involentary functions, mabie even sight and mind.
so remember your parents, show them that you care, go visit them in their old age, confort them, and always be kind.

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