We know not why and have no say
In the life that we are dealt
Sometimes we feel so cheated
From life’s pain that we have felt

Sometimes the burden put upon us
Is so heavy and hard to bear
We feel so alone and empty
We feel that no one really cares

Why me, why me, not him or her
Their life seems to be ok
My life full of pain and sadness
And more worries every day

I am a kind and caring person
Always ready to do my part
Always giving and willing to help
Always giving with an open heart

People have grown so cold and cruel
They live by anger and not with trust
They want it all and even more
For them "Status" is a must

I need not have what everyone wants
"Things" mean nothing to me
What’s important is knowing that I am there
When my children need and want me to be

I seek not fame and fortune
I need to impress no one
I only ask for happiness
For me, my daughters and my son

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