June 18, 2004

June 18, 2004 is a day in history
To most this date is inconsequential
To most this date has no meaning behind it
To me it has the memory of a lifetime behind it
I am still young and have not had the time
It has taken up most of my short lived life
What was said between your heart and mine
On that summer night in the basement
After all those other wonderful nights in the same room
When I reached out to you and said I would never leave you
I would catch you if ever you fall
I meant every word of it and put my heart out there for you
When you grabbed my heart, I thought an angel had just blessed me
With the gift of eternal pleasure
All the answers to life were answered
And all questions seemed so clear
The kiss we shared in that same spot
With my lips pressed to yours, time just went on around us
We were in uninterrupted true happiness
The kind any person is lucky to experience even once in a lifetime
June 18, 2004 is an extraordinary day
One where I fell so far
Fell for this girl that was worth it
For when I fell she was the one who caught me
And I hope she fell for me, because if she did
I was there to catch her as well.

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