These Two Feet

These two feet have served you well. They have carried you for thousands of miles. They have walked through puddles, rain, ice and snow to take you where you wanted to go.
I am going to start pampering these two feet. I will soak you in warm water, clip your nails and buff and oil these two feet.
In the morning I will go into town to buy the softest leather shoes I can find. But first, I will have some fun, try on some sandles and high heels, then keep looking until I find just the right fit.
I know you will always serve me well if I continue to pamper these two feet.
There is still a lot of walking left in these two feet but I promise to let you rest as often as I can because you have aged and are slowing down. We may not be able to walk as much as we did.
But these two feet, I know how old you are; we are the same age. It amazes me still, how something your size can carry this load.
I'll always take care of these two feet.

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