Finding A Piece Of Perfection In A Less Than Perfect Manner

under a cloudless night
their kiss collided
like open lungs
catching cold air
he ran his finger
to the raised corners
of her lips
and moved the hair
draped across her face
the moon lit her eyes
like it always does
to a summer sea
in august's finest moment
he held her hand
and told her
he's never felt beauty
like he felt tonight
she pressed her face
against his forhead
and quietly, so quietly
he caught his breath
a subtle sigh
and smiled
she had her hands
cupped around his neck
and he held on tight
around her waist
he's lost so much
he won't lose her
not to the night
she'll spend some time
in an apex of his dreams
he'll bury her
deep inside his sheets
he'll run his hands
across every inch
of the perfection
laid before him
perfect like
the way her shoulder blades
camouflage her wings
the way her hair arranges
on his pillow case
the way she stares
into his eyes
mending holes
left in his soul
like a cloudless night
where a kiss collided
and his whole world
came crashing
down, down
crashing so perfect

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