There you are!

There you are!
I see your head coming from the womb
Your lungs are strong,
and you're crying nice and loud

There you are!
Your very first day of Kindergarten,
and you have tear tracks going down you face,
but you're home and safe now,
as you tell me about your new friend

There you are!
Your first summer at camp,
you're burned and red,
and your tan line is great,
and your eyes speak of great times never to be forgotten

There you are!
Back from your first date,
ten minutes earlier than we had said,
Your cheeks flushed with uncertain love,
and I can see the beautiful adult you'll be.

There you are!
Back from your first year of college,
Your hair brushed back and your sunglasses smudged,
your eyes worldly and your brain tired
I just want you to be back in my house.

There you are!
Your marriage attire spotless,
your skin cool and your breath fast from nerves,
but your eyes hold tales of deep love,
and your cheeks are flushed with love,
and I know I'm losing you.

There you are!
Your bring my grandbaby to me,
and place them in my arms,
they smell like lavender and clover,
and I cry because I think I'm holding you again.

There you are!
I can barely reach out to hold your hand.
My skin is like rice paper and veins show through,
my voice is hoarse,
and you don't bring my grandbaby in because I might scare them.

There you are!
My grave is deep and warm,
my coffin smells like fresh wood,
A light sprinkle of rain runs with your tears down your cheek,
where other tears ran so long ago.
I love you.

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