On our day of synergy,
As we stand here side by side,
With open hearts & open minds,
There's nothing left to hide.

Know that we're not perfect,
Take the other faults and all,
Stand by like a safety net,
To catch you if you fall

Be more than just lovers,
Be a friend when times are gray,
Before we cross this threshhold,
Here's a wish to go our way.

May life be a genbtle breeze,
Blowing softly through your hair,
Let the years go floating by you
Never knowing you are there.

Let sun beam lighttly on us,
As the wind blows full our sails,
Fill each others days with love,
So your life knows no travails.

Now a word to all of you,
The friends and family,
You're what makes this day complete,
With your love and synergy.

Synergy, yeah synergy,
One plus one now equals three,
Creating an us, no longer we,
A union of love and synergy.

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