To touch you again

Since we broke up, we haven't stayed away.
Promises broken, made anew every day.
TO love each another as only friends.
But in your damn bed is where it ends.
When we're so perfect for each other,
hearts entwined tightly to one another.
Vowing to cherish and savor the memories.
to look back in time, glimpsing that first breeze.
When your eyes caught mine, and mine yours.
But now it's gone, the pain a festering sore.
I know you miss me, and want badly to be with me.
But pushing me away, it's not going to be easy.
I love you baby. Miss you much.
How do I heal? I want your touch!
But not if I'm just somebody to throw away,
cuz I know i'm precious not the f*** of the day.

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