Love Letter

I don't remember what we did as much as how it felt
Years without you...
Then a sudden surge of forbidden love...
Let loose a wave of emotions,
Things I never knew
About myself even
And all walls came crashing down
And melted as I did
In your arms
Words spewed from my mouth
That I can never take back
And the sudden realization
That I love you
Have loved you all along
Still lingers
Even to this day.

I fear a terrible tragedy
That I will never know.
When you are gone
How will I stay on?
Will it show in my face,
My broken heart?
Will I continue to hide my feelings
Or will I fall apart?
At least you will not die
Without having known what I shall

I have loved you with a love none can describe
You leave me helpless for your tenderness
And the way draw me in.
Everything forbiden
All comes unhidden.
My secret from within.
How does it feel to know
That I could never let you go?
How do you feel when I say
That I could never stay away?
Even though I should
I'd move mountains to find you
If I could

There are no rules in love
That could control
The pounding of my heart
Things no one will ever know
Now you know
Only you
My love... My love
My greatest love

I ask for nothing, except you let me keep loving you

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