Andrew Caves In

She does not love you but she will remain kind.
Her feelings have changed over the years in your marriage.
She no longer wants to see the older middle aged man who replaced the vivacious younger one.

She does not love you like I do.
She only wanted the gold band on her finger.
To be called someone's wife. And have that baby.
Over the age of 30, her biological clock was ....

Now she has what she wants.
Pushed you aside. You served your purpose.
Her last intimate rejection of you stung worse than a scorpion's.

Your mind was made up. You found satisfaction elsewhere.
Me. You got much more than what you bargained for in my arms. Impossible as it is.
You fell for me.

I accepted you as you are and never judged.
Me. Passionate.Creative. Artistic. A bit Indulgent.
Poor and living across town on the West End.
I did not turn you away.

You found a home in me

She does not love you anymore but she will be kind.
You pay the bills and keep her in a 4,000 square foot house.
Just as long as you do not touch her.

I will make you happy. For I love you.
There will be no more rejection.
Or false kindness.
Just pure bliss.

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