Far From Perfect

Why do you say I am perfect?
I would think you have outgrown such simple words.
How could you say I am perfect?
So broken, so complex, so flawed.

A perfect woman does not succumb to temptation
A perfect woman does not lie to her partner
A perfect woman does not harbor secrets
She doesn't have to.
I am endlessly flawed.

I am not saying it is because of you.
Well it is, but I'm not blaming.

How can you say that your life is perfect?
How can you say that you cannot cast a shadow on it
When you have?
As I have on mine.
It follows me everywhere
Till the end of time.
Our secret...

You say you love me,
But you have cast your shadows on my perfection.
Does this bring you satisfaction?
Your scent will never leave me.
Your fingerprints are all over my body.
The evidence is here.

There is no perfection here.
Just lies... Oh I am undone.

And he thinks he is so lucky
Because I am so beautiful.
But little does he know.
I could be less pretty.
Maybe then, I could have stayed pure.
Could I?
Should I scratch my face?
My curse.
Would you still love me?
Do you really?
Did you make me love you?
Or would I fall regardless?

Am I real to you?
Or am I as some porcelin doll
That you keep in your secret box to enjoy
Too perfect to cast aside.
Too pretty let go

I do not like being called perfect.
Because I am not.
I do not like your lies.
Are you lying to me, or to yourself?
Because the things you say are not true
They are not true.

Do you love me, my imperfections?
Yes, for everything that I am.
Or do you ignore the other sides of me.
And only see
what you want to see?

Have you moved on yet?
Does this longing still devour you?
It cannot. The days go by.
We live with our lives.

And if the oppurtunity came
Would it happen again?
Would we push, push, push, push
Cross that line,
Toss away the good.
Alone in our betrayel.
Do you feel closer to me now
Because we are in this together?
Partners in our tretchory.
So flawed...
So endlessly flawed.

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