always in my heart

My life has a plan, it began long before we met.
I married, had two children, career. Everything was set.
The years went by with nothing anew. Until one day, when I was not looking along came you.
I have never seen such truth, love, and mystery in ones eyes. You have touched my heart,mind and soul with such suprise.
My love for my family is nothing to take for granted, I must be loyal to them, but why do I feel the need, and have come to be so attracted. To you, another man, a man whos skin makes me melt, kisses that make me shiver, and a love for me that is true. Yet I cannot give back all that I have taken.I live my life a lie? Let my whole earth be shaken? You want me I know, I feel it everyday. You want me forever, you say. But what about my life set? You are a soul, free, and willing I will never forget. I give you a piece of my heart, cannot give it all to you. To one man only. To only one can I be true. I am confused, hurt, and lost. I think of our passion, holding each other knowing it is wrong. Giving in to you, would be a terrible cost. I want all of you, but have nothing to give. You have crossed pathes with me in this lifetime. I will never forget you. Not now, not as long as I live. I love you, everything about you. This I say is true, no matter what we choose to do. To keep this love affair going would cause so much pain. For you, there is nothing to gain. To say goodbye would be the right thing to do. But my love, my forbidden love, that is something I am not ready to do. For now, in the shadows, my heart longs to be with you. My soul fights to reason. You are made for me, but where have you been. I had my life set, now I live in sin. A sin I will carry my life long. Or until one of us says goodbye, and forever is gone..

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